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Join Chris & Paris every other Tuesday to discover if you really can judge a book by its hideous cover, bad title, or weird synopsis.

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What fans say about the podcast

A gem of a podcast for any book lover

I've been listening to Terrible BookClub since way back in 2015 when it was on LibSyn, and I'm truly ashamed to only be reviewing it now, because it is so good. Paris and Chris dish up hilarious takes on truly awful-sounding books, from the obscure (Bridges of Maradonia, anyone?) to the inexplicably popular (never heard of Marked? Apparently it's the #2 vampire series, behind Twilight). The resulting banterful book club has often had me in stitches. (Seriously, listen to their recent mini-sode about healing crystals and try not to end up snickering on the bus. I dare you.) Anyone who loves talking about books, or just having a good laugh, should give this podcast a shot.


Always thoughtful, often hilarious

Chris and Paris review books and it feels like your listening to friends shredding bad art into pieces. They don’t censor their language which lends authenticity to the whole premise. However, if a book ends up surprising them positively, they’ll tell you — so it’s not just mindless trolling. I actually ended up buying and reading a book they discussed favorably and really liked it.


Funny and surprisingly informative

I rarely listen to podcasts but this one is quite funny and sometimes surprisingly informative. Some days I listen to multiple episodes back to back. Also it helped me not being bored to death during my stay at the hospital.

Peter Amesberger

Give TBC a chance

Even when I think I'm not interested in the subject of discussion, the two hosts always keep my attention! They work well together and are consistently amusing.


I Laughed My Nips Off

I've wanted to do something like this podcast for a long time, but after listening to the hosts and guests rip into The Crucible (and other books), I think that niche is pretty full. And filled by a really great show. Terrible Book Club is sort of like the conversation you have in your head when you read a bad book and wish you could throw those thoughts out into the world for others to hear. It's hilarious, unflinching in its criticism, and oddly rather informative. Kudos to these lovely folks for a lovely podcast.


Clever, Engaging, and Unique

I just finished to the Art of the deal Episode; I loved it. Paris and Chris are both really funny, great voices for podcast; they work off each other well and have a good dynamic. I expected myself to listen to the episode in chunks, but the hour or so flew by and I had listened to the whole thing without even realizing it because it was engaging the whole time. Big fan and look forward to binging the rest.

Sam LiButti

One of the most consistently entertaining podcasts

Let Chris and Paris take you on a journey through the wasteland of terrible literature. Both hosts give honest (yet hilarious) critiques of the featured book. You'll be adding this to your podcast rotation after listening to any one episode.

Adam R.

Fun and relaxing

Two great hosts, many terrible books.

Dr. Killer Gorilla Mountain

About the Hosts



Host, Media & Communications Manager

Paris lives just over the river from Boston. When she's not reading books for TBC she's reading better books and singing in her epic doom metal band.



Host, Music & Audio Engineer

Chris lives in Boston. He enjoys eating giant bowls of ramen and playing lots of guitar - both angry and dance-y. Chris wrote, performed, and recorded the TBC theme, which you can download for free!

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