Interspecies Reviewers (Vol. 1): Ecstasy Days by Tetsuo Habara *Patron’s Choice* - Episode 139

73 minutes
For this week's Patron's Choice episode, we read Interspecies Reviewers (Vol. 1): Ecstasy Days by Tetsuo Habara for our Patron Austin. He said that he, "decided to choose this glorious novel for [his] recommendation...since [he] has little chance to talk about [it] in polite company or for that matter, most impolite company." Reluctantly, we did have some positive things to say about this book. Still, we wouldn't recommend it unless you had...very particular needs.

Content Warnings: We're reading porn today, people. In addition to our usual barnyard language, this episode includes discussion of: explicit sexual situations involving age play, basiliskgirls, birdgirls, catgirls, cuckoldry, elves, halflings who look like children (so here’s your pedophilia warning), and spirits; a moment of racism.

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